Because time is precious.

Are you...

  • Looking for help to implement your UI into Kontakt?
  • Figuring how to save time in this process?
  • Trying to optimize your development process?

I am are glad you are here.

Figma to Kontakt allows you to

  • Generate your UI implementation code in one click

  • Generate code for
    • UI controls callbacks
    • UI Control Settings (verbose and optimized)
    • UI ID Arrays
    • Controls Automation
    • NKS Code requirements
    • and more
  • Create animations in one click for
    • Knobs
    • Faders
    • Buttons
  • Export all your labels in one click
    • Create a dedicated page for them
    • Make your projects organized and easy to work with
    • Buttons

  • But wait, there's more!
  • Features coming soon
      These are just a few of the planned features
    • Create text files for your png files
    • Create UI elements draging them from the plugin interface
    • Create button components from 6 pre-created elements
    • Starter command to create an empty canvas with Kontakt header
    • And more, much more!